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Westercon 28 (called OakLaCon)was held July 3-6, 1975 at the Leamington Hotel, Oakland, CA. GoH: David Gerrold; FGoH: Dena Brown and Charlie Brown; Special Guest: Ian Ballantine and Betty Ballantine. Chaired by Lois Newman and Craig Miller. Bjo Trimble was announced as toastmaster, but Bill Rotsler stood in for her at con. Attendance was about 1400.

Reports indicated that the hotel was inadequate for the convention which spilled out into three other hotels and four parking lots. The huckster room overflowed into the lobby, the masquerade was so jammed that people were turned away and even the all-night movies were SRO. The art show was crowded and ill-lit.

The Sampo Award went to Lee Gold and Barry Gold and the Invisible Little Man Award went to A. Bertram Chandler. The FAAn Awards given out for the first time.

Vancouver was selected to run the 1977 Westercon.

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