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Westercon 29 was held July 2-5, 1976 at the Hyatt House Hotel in Los Angeles. The GoH was Horace L. Gold and the FGoH was Gregg Calkins. It was chaired by Bruce Pelz.

CONTRAception was a competing bid. See 1976 Westercon Site Selection.

Locus reported that it was smaller than typical for Westercon with only a thousand members. There were only 30 costumes on the masquerade. Highlights included an interview with Theodore Sturgeon. The FGoH speech was so filled with in-jokes that Locus though it was understood by no more than 6 people. Bill Rotsler took part in a cartoonist war and a 50th birthday party.

H. L. Gold was recovering from a stroke, so his GoH speech (the editorial from Galaxy's 2th anniversary issue) was read by someone else. Charles Burbee gave a "rambling presentation" of the FAAn Awards.

Los Angeles won the right to host 1978 Westercon, see 1978 Westercon Site Selection.

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