Northview Association for Science Fiction Addicts

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NASFA was a club founded by Robert J. Sawyer, Richard Gotlib, and Ted Bleaney at Northview Heights Secondary School in Willowdale (later North York; later still, Toronto), Ontario, Canada. Members called themselves Nasforians.

It had a spinoff / alumni group for several years called SST: The Society for Speculative Thinking.

Other members included Carolyn Clink, David Livingstone Clink, Ariel Reich and Asbed Bedrossian.


NASFA organized three one-day science-fiction conventions in Toronto:

Con Dates Gohs, Notes
NASFACON 1977 Judith Merril
NASFACON TWO 1979 Phyllis Gotlieb
NASFACON THREE 1982 John Robert Colombo

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