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(May 1, 1905 – January 20, 1975)

Edna Mayne Hull van Vogt was a SF author who published (and was probably best known) under the name of E. Mayne Hull. She was called "Mayne" for short.

Her first story, “The Flight That Failed”, appeared in the November 1942 issue of Astounding Science Fiction as by E. M. Hull. Planets for Sale (1954), a novelization of her "Artur Blord" stories, has sometimes been credited to her husband, A. E. van Vogt.

She was born in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. After working as a private secretary in Alberta, she moved to Winnipeg, where she met her future husband. Hull and van Vogt were married on May 9, 1939, shortly before his first story, "Black Destroyer," was published (July, 1939, Astounding).

For most of her husband's writing career, Hull was his editor/typist. After typing out many of his stories in the early 1940s, she got ideas for SF stories of her own. She wrote several stories, with "The Flight that Failed" for Astounding in December 1942, and one novel, all of which appeared in Astounding and Unknown Worlds.

The couple moved to California in 1944; they attended the first Westercon in 1948.

Hull collaborated with her husband on several works, including Out of the Unknown (1948). Her "Artur Blord" stories and The Winged Man serial were novelized with the input of van Vogt, who added his own name as co-author, apparently as a marketing gambit.

She died of cancer.

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