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(For the fanspeak noun, see faan.)

Faans, a 1983 faan fiction video produced and directed by Larry Tucker as a Spare Chaynge Production, featured an all-star fan cast, which parodied the movie Jaws with an Ominous Propeller Beanie that menaced the attendees at a con. Randy Bathurst co-wrote the script.

It was filmed at various Midwest conventions during the early 1980s. The video starred Larry Tucker in his alter ego Uncle Albert as an expert on fandom, with Roger Sims as the hotel detective, John Q. Mundane, and a large cast of other fen in supporting roles, including Howard DeVore, Bob Tucker, Mike Glicksohn, Jon Stopa, Bill Bowers, Ben Zuhl and Sandy Reynolds.

A number of incidents were inspired by real events at cons. The character of the hotel detective was modeled after a hotel manager at the first AutoClave. Many fannish in-jokes of the period, such as a bathtub filled with lime Jello and Bob Tucker's business cards, appear in the half-hour video.

Crew members included Nancy Tucker and Leah Zeldes. Original music came from Andy Boller and Mike Gould.

Faans premiered at ConFusion 101 in 1983.

Leah Zeldes wrote a script for a sequel, Faans II, which was published as a fanzine for Nolacon II, where Roger Sims was fgoh, but it was never produced.

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