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A lot of the connection and communication among fans that once took place through correspondence, apas and fanzines now occurs through online social media and — since about 2010 — particularly on Facebook. Most actifans have Facebook accounts and post at least occasionally, and a great many established clubs and conventions maintain pages or groups on the platform, as do some zines, such as SF Commentary. Many pros post on Facebook, as well.

In addition, independent Facebook groups see much fan traffic. The groups most concerned with fandom include:

Facebook vs. Other Networks[edit]

While many individuals and organizations in fandom also maintained Twitter accounts, that platform never became a focal point, and fans left it in droves once Elon Musk took over in 2022. While numerous fen migrated to the various new platforms that sprang up, gnurrlike, in Twitter’s wake, none have so far coalesced as a fannish meeting ground — fans seem to prefer the longer message length and privacy controls afforded by Facebook, and although they grotch about it, Facebook remains fandom’s preferred social media network.

See also: Usenet, Live Journal.

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