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Disclave, a Baltiwash regional convention, ran from 1950 to 1997 with two breaks. It was usually held in the District of Columbia, but occasionally in Virginia or Maryland. It was sponsored by WSFA. After a few years of earlier dates, it settled on Memorial Day.

After the Disclave Flood drowned the con in 1997, WSFA started Capclave in 2001.

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
Any of several conclaves held in Washington, DC, under the auspices of the Washington SF Association.

Much of the information below came from an article written by Joe Mayhew for the 1995 Disclave souvenir book.

Convention Date Hotel GoHs, Notes
Disclave 1 April 30, 1950 Wardman Park Hotel Willy Ley, Seabury Quinn
Disclave 2 April 29, 1951 Statler Hotel Sam Moskowitz, Art Rapp, Seabury Quinn
Disclave 3 March 22, 1953 Statler Hotel none
Disclave 4 May 9-11, 1958 (Mother's Day until 1970) Arva Motel in Rosslyn, VA none
Disclave 5 May 8-10, 1959 Diplomat Motel in DC none
Disclave 6 May 6-8, 1960 Diplomat Motel none
Disclave 7 May 12-14, 1961 Diplomat Motel none
Disclave 8 May 11-13, 1962 Diplomat Motel none
In 1963 WSFA ran Discon I and it took a couple of years before it was ready to run another Disclave.
Disclave 9 May 7-9, 1965 Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge, Wheaton Chris Moskowitz, Sam Moskowitz
Disclave 10 May 13-15, 1966 Diplomat Motel in DC Roger Zelazny
Disclave 11 May 12-14, 1967 Regency Congress in DC Jack Gaughan
Disclave 12 May 10-12, 1968 Regency Congress Robert Silverberg
Disclave 13 May 9-11, 1969 Skyline Inn in DC Lester del Rey
Disclave 14 May 15-17, 1970 Skyline Inn Murray Leinster
Disclave 15 May 28-31, 1971 (now on Memorial Day) Shoreham Hotel in DC Terry Carr
Disclave 16 May 26-29, 1972 Sheraton Park Hotel Ben Bova
Disclave 17 May 25-28, 1973 Sheraton Park Hotel Gardner Dozois
Disclave 18 May 24-27, 1974 Sheraton Park Hotel Kelly Freas
Disclave 19 May 23-26, 1975 Sheraton Park Hotel Gordon R. Dickson
Disclave 20 May 28-31, 1976 Sheraton Park Hotel William Tenn
Disclave 21 May 27-30, 1977 Sheraton Park Hotel Joe Haldeman
Disclave 22 May 26-29, 1978 Sheraton Park Hotel Bob Tucker
Disclave 23 May 25-28, 1979 Sheraton Park Hotel Roger Zelazny, Michael Whelan
Disclave 24 May 23-26, 1980 Hospitality House in Crystal City, VA Spider Robinson, Jeanne Robinson
Disclave 25 May 22-25, 1981 Sheraton National on Columbia Pike in Arlington, VA Isaac Asimov
Disclave 26 May 28-31, 1982 Sheraton National on Columbia Pike Elizabeth Lynn, Tom Miller
Disclave 27 May 28-20, 1983 Marriott Twin Bridges near National Airport George R. R. Martin, Jack Gaughan
Disclave 28 May 25-28, 1984 New Carrollton Sheraton Connie Willis, Eric Blair
Disclave 29 May 24-27, 1985 The Sheraton Inn New Carrollton Ed Bryant, Bob Walters
Disclave 30 May 23-26, 1986 The Sheraton Washington Northeast, New Carrollton Bill Gibson
Disclave 31 May 25-28, 1987 The Sheraton Washington Northeast Gene Wolfe, Barclay Shaw, Chick Derry
Disclave 32 May 27-30, 1988 Howard Johnson, New Carrollton Barbara Hambly, Jim Burns
Disclave 33 May 26-29, 1989 Howard Johnson, New Carrollton, Lucius Shepard, J. K. Potter
Disclave 34 May 25-28, 1990 Sheraton Greenbelt Mike Resnick, Dawn Wilson, Somtow Sucharitkul, Marty Gear
Disclave 35 May 24-27, 1991 Sheraton Greenbelt Lewis Shiner, Alicia Austin
Disclave 36 May 22-25, 1992 Washington Hilton on Connecticut Ave Pat Cadigan, Tom Kidd
Disclave 37 May 28-31, 1993 Washington Dulles Airport Marriott Katherine Kurtz, Patricia Davis
Disclave 38 May 27-30, 1994 Sheraton Premier at Tyson's Corner, VA Lois McMaster Bujold, Steven Vincent Johnson, Darlene P. Coltrain
Disclave 39 May 26-29, 1995 Renaissance Hotel Techworld Charles Sheffield, Bob Eggleton, David Bischoff
Disclave 40 May 24-27, 1996 Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill Michael Swanwick and Hannah M. G. Shapero
Disclave 41 May 23-26, 1997 Ramada New Carrollton, New Carrollton, MD Patricia Anthony, Lissanne Lake, Peggy Rae Pavlat. Disclave Flood. End of Disclave.
Disclave 42 May 22-25, 1998 Announced, but not held.

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