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(1950 --)

Shiner began publishing SF in 1977. Formerly a resident of Texas, he now resides in North Carolina. He graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1973. He began his career as a science fiction writer, but then identified with cyberpunk, and later wrote more mainstream novels, although most had fantasy elements. He published the fanzine Tales from Texas/. He has also written comic books.

His books include Frontera (1984), Deserted Cities of the Heart (1988), Slam (1990), Nine Hard Questions about the Nature of the Universe (1990), and The Edges of Things (1991), the last two being collections of his short fiction.

His more recent books include Black & White (2008) and Dark Tangos (2011).

In the 1970s, he was a member of the group of SF writers in Austin, Texas, that were associated with Chad Oliver. Oliver described the younger writers as "gifts from the gods."

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