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Disclave 28 was a convention held Memorial Day, 1984 (May 25-28, 1984). GoH was Connie Willis, Eric Blair (George Orwell) was Ghost of Honor and Paul Yurek was featured artist.

And so Disclave moved again. This time it was to a place then called the New Carrollton Sheraton in New Carrollton, MD. Chairman Jane Wagner had scouted it out and got a good deal with them. It was, indeed located in New Carrollton, surrounded by safe, plentiful free parking, fast food at an easy walk, convenient to transportation and, we would learn once there, it was an also ugly, repulsive roach trap for those who like that sort of thing. 900 showed up. We would stay there until 1991, but if you went by the hotel's name, you'd never know it.

See File 770 47, p. 22 for a con report by Darrell Schweitzer.

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