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Disclave 4 was a convention held Saturday, May 10-11, 1958 (Mother's Day weekend) at the Arva Motel on Route 50 up the hill in Rosslyn, VA. There was no GoH (Disclave did not have one again until 1965). The con seems to have been basically a relaxacon.

It was the first revived Disclave (after a five year hiatus since Disclave 3). It was scheduled for just Saturday, but some people arrived on Friday and stayed through Sunday. There was a large contingent from New York plus fans from Cleveland, Detroit (bidding Detroit in 1959 with a banner) and Philadelphia. The convention was chaired by Bob Pavlat, who wrote in the ad flyer, "This is a disorganized conference, no speeches, no banquet." The rooms were $7.00 a night but the con was free. Sixty-five fans came and partied so hearty on the roof and elsewhere that Disclave was not allowed to return to the Arva the next year -- they changed their mind at the last minute.


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