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For Memorial Day weekend, 1992, Disclave left the many-named New Carrolton Sheraton to the Washington ("Hinckley") Hilton on Connecticut Ave, not far from the storied Sheraton Park Hotel, all in Washington, DC. Steve Fetheroff had been elected chairman, but had to move to Washington State. So, even though Michael J. Walsh swore he would not be able to be at the convention that year, he was elected to replace Steve. Covert Beach got stuck defacto with running it. Pat Cadigan and Tom Kidd were Guests of Honor, Hal Clement's 70th birthday party was a featured event. Another WSFA Press anthology was produced, a collection of Pat Cadigan stories called Home by the Sea. Lamentably, Evan Phillips was unavailable to produce another Discave, so Joe Mayhew volunteered to do the Consuite, which he called the DisClub so as not to tarnish the Discave reputation.

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