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Disclave 9 was held over the Mother's Day (May 7-8, 1965) weekend in 1965 at the Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge near Wheaton Plaza in Wheaton, Maryland. Chairman Banks Mebane broke with tradition and had GoHs: Chris and Sam Moskowitz (who did a slide show on the history of Analog), though the GoHs were not well publicized prior to the convention.

It was the last free Disclave. Even so, Alan Huff was recruited to sit by the beer tub and collect a buck from anyone he could. Eighty-three fen came.

The con began Friday night with the First Friday meeting of WSFA, which met in concom suite to elect officers. Partying began immediately after the meeting adjourned. The Party Administrator was Ron Ellik, who also announced in advance that for fans who could not afford a hotel room, "Beds in the hospitality suite are $5 a night and floor space $1. No charge to pass out under the poker table. "

Reports were that the wildness was about the same as the Discon, even with the lower attendance and budget. The hotel management closed many parties early.

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