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Midwestcon 9 was a relaxacon held June 28–29, 1958, at the North Plaza Motel, Cincinnati, OH.

At this con, the First Fandom club was founded. Detroit in '59 and Chicago: 1959 both held bid parties; Detroit served booze; Chicago offered popcorn. (The Michifen should’ve remembered this for Detroit in '82!) The pool was popular.

Attendees included Jim Broderick, Dan Curran, Sandy Cuttrell, Howard DeVore, Belle and Frank Dietz, Bill Donaho, Ron Ellik (who had hitchhiked from L.A.), Harlan Ellison, Joe Hensley, Lynn Hickman, John Hitchcock, David MacDonald, Bob Madle, John Magnus, Kent Moomaw, George Nims Raybin, Ted White and George and Mary Young. A number of regulars, notably Bob Tucker, were absent.

Magnus wrote a long con report in Rumble #16.

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