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Mary A. Southworth (for a time, Mary Southworth Young), a Detroit fan active beginning in the 1950s, remained at least partly involved into the 1990s.

Mary is perhaps best known in fandom as the femmefan who was in Harlan Ellison's room at the time of the Midwestcon Door Incident, supposedly reading the stencils for the next issue of his fanzine Dimensions. She occasionally contributed to fanzines.

She was a member of the Misfits and served as secretary at Detention, the 1959 Worldcon.

She married George Young; they had four children. After divorcing George, Mary moved to the East Coast and, in the late 1980s, with Karl Olsen, opened two sf and mystery bookstores in Saratoga Springs in upstate New York: Saratoga SF and Mystery and Tales of Space and Crime. She was a regular huckster at regional conventions.

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