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The Australian and New Zealand Amateur Publishing Association (or Australian and New Zealand Amateur Press Association) is a bi-monthly APA for, but not limited to, Australian and New Zealand fans. Minac is 6 self-written A4 pages every six months. The membership cap is (and always has been) thirty members. Mailings tend to be about 500 (!) pages.

It was started by Leigh Edmonds. It began in October 1968 as APA-A, but was renamed ANZAPA in February 1969. Its early history is recounted in John Bangsund's Anzapa Book. It was still active in 2021, but went electronic at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic due to the extreme slowness of mail, both within Australia and internationally.

The current official bloody editor, or OBE, of ANZAPA is David Grigg.

Apazines that have appeared in ANZAPA mailings include:

Mailings Dates Official Bloody Editors
Derrick Ashby
Leigh Edmonds
Carey Handfield
Marc Ortlieb
Jean Weber
-16 1970-1971 Gary Mason
54 1977
1978-1980 Gary Mason
74-75 June-August 1980 John Foyster
1983 Gary Mason
141-144 August 1911-February 1992 Clive Newall, LynC
145 April 1992 Alan Stewart
-317 2004-2020 Bruce Gillespie
278 2014
April 2020-present David Grigg

See also The Best of ANZAPA.

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