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(June 30, 1964 –)

Nigel Rowe is a UK-born New Zealand-reared fanzine fan and conrunning fan living in Chicago. He worked on a variety of regionals in New Zealand and the UK (including chairing Orcon '85), mostly in the 1980s and ’90s. He has been a member of the National Association of SF (NASF) National Committee, the Auckland University SF Society (AUSFS), FWA, and FWUK. He ran for FFANZ in 1983.

He ran Corflu 33 in Chicago in 2016.

Nigel wrote Timeless Sands — a History of Science Fiction Fandom in New Zealand and The History of Science Fiction Fandom in ... New Zealand .... and edited Aotearapa: The First 10 Years Anthology. He was a founder of the Auckland SF Foundation and Martian Way Press.

He was married, for a time, to Karen Babich.

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