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(1949 – )

Gary Mason, a Sydney fan, 1964-1972, Adelaide fan 1972-date.

Discovered fandom by writing to a letter-writer in an American comic, back in the days when letters columns in US comics included full addresses. The recipient was Roy Thomas, one of the early founders of US comics fandom, who put Gary in touch with John Ryan. A couple of years later, Gary discovered (but was not a founding member of) the Sydney Science Fiction Foundation, and became its newsletter editor and acting secretary in 1969. The newsletter, The New Forerunner, also served as a general newszine for Australian fandom for a little while.

Joined CAPA-alpha (the US-based comics APA), 1966-1971, 1979 (waiting list)-1982, and 2016 to date, and has been Central Mailer since mid-2020.

Was an inaugural member of ANZAPA, 1968-71, 1977-83, 1994, and 2014 to date; Official (Bloody) Editor 1970-71, 1978-1980 and 1983.

Was an inaugural member of the Australia in ‘75 Committee, dropping out before Aussiecon occurred. Was on the organising committees of Syncon '70, Advention 2 and Advention '81.

Fanzines and Apazines:

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