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The Best of ANZAPA is series of fanzines attempting to present the best work from the Australian and New Zealand Amateur Publishing Association on a year-by-year basis, as well as providing details of mailing contents, membership lists, members' activity and major events in the APA administration (like the 1977 index Anzapa Book). The plan called for 25 yearly issues covering its quarter-century of existence, from 1968 to 1993 (the period is always October to August).

Between 1993 and 1996, volumes were published for the years 1977/78 to 1982/83, numbered as volumes 10 to 15 (but not in chronological order, so the general introduction to the project is found in vol. 12). Perry Middlemiss was editor of all of them, noting that he started with the 1979–80 volume as he was the ANZAPA's co-President during that year.

Vol. Date Pages Period Contributors
10 August 1994 34 1977–78 (Mailings 58–63) Gary Mason (OBE's Foreword only), John Bangsund, Leigh Edmonds, Marc Ortlieb, Michael O'Brien, Susan Wood, John Brosnan
11 February 1995 29 1978–79 (Mailings 64–69) John Brosnan, Helen Swift, John Foyster, Bruce Gillespie, David Grigg, Leanne Frahm, Gary Mason
12 October 1993 30 1979–80 (Mailings 70–75) Helen Swift (inc. 1993 introduction/recollection as the other co-president), John Bangsund, Christine Ashby, David Grigg, Leigh Edmonds, Leanne Frahm, Perry Middlemiss.
13 December 1993 50 1980–81 (Mailings 76–81) Perry Middlemiss, David Grigg, Leigh Edmonds, Michael O'Brien, John Foyster, Denny Lien & Joyce Scrivner, Keith Taylor, Malcolm Edwards
14 December 1994 44 1981–82 (Mailings 82–87) Leanne Frahm, John D. Berry, Bruce Gillespie, John Bangsund, Leigh Edmonds, Leanne Frahm, Jean Weber, Jeanne Gomoll, David Grigg, Eric Lindsay
15 August 1996 50 1981–83 (Mailings 83–93) Perry Middlemiss, Marc Ortlieb, David Grigg, John D. Berry, Alan Bray, Judith Hanna, John Bangsund, Leanne Frahm, Bruce Gillespie, Joseph Nicholas

Publication 19931996
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