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Jack R. Herman is an Australian fan who chaired Syncon '83 and Conviction in 1988. He was GoH at Swancon XI in 1986. He chaired the unsuccessful Australia in '83 Worldcon bid. He ran for DUFF in 1980 and again in 1984 when he won, publishing WAHF-Full Tracks over America as his trip report. He won the William Atheling, Jr. Award in 1980.

He published the fanzines WAHF-full and Sweetness & Light, and was a member of ANZAPA for which he published Necessity. He edited one issue of The Eye for the Sydney University Tolkien Society.

He successfully proposed that the list of rules governing the running of the Australian National Science Fiction Convention include a rule to the effect that any further changes must shorten it. The resulting list of rules became known as the "Jack R. Herman minimal constitution".

He was awarded a Golden Caterpillar Award in 1986 for "having the courage of his convictions."

For a time he was a regular at WSFS Business Meetings during which he subtly represented Australian interests.

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