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(March 5, 1951 – March 5, 2023)

Eve Harvey (1980s).
From the collection of Vin¢ Clarke, courtesy of Rob Hansen.

Eve Harvey (née Evelyn Simmons) was a British con-running fan who found fandom in 1973. She chaired Channelcon (Eastercon 33) in 1982 and worked on a variety of other conventions, including Worldcon (she was Secretary of Seacon '79). She ran Rubicon, a late-summer relaxacon, and was one of the organizers of Precursor.

She was a founding member of the Leeds University SF Society in the early 70s and was very active in BSFA in the late 1970s and early ’80s. She was GUFF winner in 1985.

She was married to fellow fan John Harvey. Originally from Brighton, Eve moved to France in 2013.

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