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(November 10, 1957 – )

James Arthur “Jocko” Allen “is a proud Life Member of the Melbourne Science Fiction Club. He has been Club Activator, Librarian, Newszine editor and Keeper of the kitchen (9 years, that's a lot of dishes washed up),” according to Kalien, one of his fanzines.

The nickname “Jocko,” he has mentioned, is inappropriate. (It suggests that he's Scottish, but he isn't.)

"He is a mad Babylon 5, Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams fan and especially adores The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which introduced him to fandom; nothing has ever been the same since." He is a member of The Australian Babylon 5 Fan Club and was one of the editors of its clubzine, Babbling On.

His fanzines include: Psychodaleks (with Phil Wlodarczyk), his perzine Kalien, and Ripple Hole. He purportedly shared with Danny Heap the hoax pseudonym Jacob Blake, editor of Get Stuffed.

He and Phil joined ANZAPA with the aim of annoying other members. An oddly-shaped piece of cardboard was one of their more successful pranks. Another member (allegedly) attempted to tear it up, but couldn't because it had been laminated.

He edited a single issue of Ethel the Aardvark (for the MSFC), when the previous editor resigned in response to photocopies of a plaid tie having been used to pad out an issue for which that editor had supplied the rest of the content.

He was awarded the A. Bertram Chandler Award at Contact2016. Framed citation and crystal plinth were presented to him by Bill Wright at an MSFC meeting on 16 April 2016. The bowl was presented later at the Continuum 12 Opening Ceremony on 11 June that year.

He has been in a relationship with LynC for a number of years.

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