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Fanzine attributed to Jacob Blake.

Some fans didn't believe that there was a fanzine named Ethel the Aardvark. (There is; it's the clubzine of the Melbourne Science Fiction Club.) So Jocko proposed changing that fanzine's title, for an issue, to Get Stuffed. When that idea was out-voted, a group of fans agreed to produce a fanzine called Get Stuffed, and see whether they could annoy some people. They did. It shamelessly self-promoted its way to a Ditmar Award, in consequence of which its purported editor was awarded a Golden Caterpillar Award.

Issue 5, dated 1992, reports faned Jacob Blake to be a joint pseudonym of James Allen and Danny Heap. However, there has also been mention, as a part of Jacob Blake, of a wooden leg (of the sort belonging to a mannequin) that Danny later sold off on ebay paired with an old CRT monitor.

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