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The 2019 FAAn Awards were presented on May 4, 2019 at Corflu 36 in Rockville, Maryland and were administered by Michael Dobson and Curt Phillips.

2019 had an unusually large number of categories -- probably more than twice as many as any other year -- with many "traditional" categories being split into two or three. (The FAAn Awards do not have a formal set of categories.)

Fanzine Awards[edit]

Best Fanzine[edit]

Best Genzine[edit]

Banana Wings (Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer)

Best Personal Zine[edit]

(tie) Flag (Andrew Hooper) and Vibrator (Graham Charnock)

Best Newszine[edit]

Ansible (David Langford)

Best Apazine[edit]

Lofgeornost (Fred Lerner for FAPA)

Best Special Publication[edit]

Lake's Folly (Christina Lake)

Fan Writing Awards[edit]

Best FanWriter[edit]

Best Article (Fannish)[edit]

"Worldcon Kaleidoscope" (John-Henri Holmberg, Trap Door 34

Best Article (Sercon)[edit]

"Weisinger's Worldcon," (Andy Hooper Trap Door 34)

Best Series or Column[edit]

Roadrunner (Mark Plummer)

Harry Warner Letterhack Award[edit]

Paul Skelton

Fan Artist Awards[edit]

Best Fan Artist[edit]

Special Award to Steve Stiles for Achievement in Fan Art[edit]

Steve Stiles

Best Cover (Illustration)[edit]

Brian Parker (BEAM #13)

Best Cover (Design/Photography)[edit]

The Corflu 35 Bheer Tasting Guide (Geri Sullivan)

Best Illustrator (Fannish)[edit]

Steve Stiles

Best Photographer/Digital Artist[edit]

Ditmar (Dick Jenssen)

Best Graphic Design[edit]

Pete Young for the The White Notebooks

Online Awards[edit]

Online Award for Special Achievements:[edit]

eFanzines (Bill Burns)

Best Online Archive or Resource[edit]

fanac.org (Joe Siclari, Edie Stern, Mark Olson)

Best News/Information Resource[edit]

Ansible (Dave Langford)

Best Online Group or List[edit]

InTheBar (Harry Bell, Proprietor)

Special Awards[edit]

#1 Fan Face[edit]

Services to the Hobby[edit]

Andy Hooper

Smooooth Operator[edit]


Award for Unrecognized Fan Achievement[edit]

Taral Wayne

Lifetime Achievement[edit]

Paul Skelton

Past President fwa[edit]

Victor Gonzalez

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