1957: The First UK Worldcon

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1957 (Hansen)
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1957 book cover

A 2022 publication by Rob Hansen about Loncon, the 1957 Worldcon held in London. It covers the initial inspiration, the fan politics of the bidding process, the convention itself in detail, and the aftermath (including a lawsuit -- see Plane Trip). With commentary by Hansen, the story is mostly told in the words of contemporary fans including Forry Ackerman, Brian Aldiss, Don Allen, Greg Benford, Ron Bennett, Eric Bentcliffe, Sid Birchby, Ken Bulmer, Pam Bulmer, Ted Carnell (who chaired the convention), Vin¢ Clarke, Franklin M. Dietz, Jr., Ron Ellik, Dick Ellington, Dick Eney, Rory Faulkner, Donald E. Ford, Chuck Harris, Terry Jeeves, Dave Kyle, Eric Jones, Ethel Lindsay, Bob Madle, Mike Moorcock, Sam Moskowitz, Mike Rosenblum, Sandy Sanderson, James V. Taurasi, Arthur Thomson, Wally Weber, James White and Walt Willis.

1957: The First UK Worldcon is available from Ansible Editions in both ebook and paperback formats. The cover photograph shows the three Hugos presented, held by John Carnell (for New Worlds, best UK prozine), John W. Campbell (for Astounding, best US prozine) and John Victor Peterson (representing the editors of Science-Fiction Times, best fanzine).

Awards and Honors

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Contents List


Before Loncon

  • May 1951: The First International Science Fiction Convention
  • Summer 1955: London in 1956!
  • February 1956: The New Bid
  • April 1956: The Second International Convention
  • August 1956: Bombcon?
  • September 1956: The New York Bidding Session
  • September 1956: The First Press Release
  • November 1956: London Ahoy!
  • February 1957: A Royal Rejection
  • March 1957: New Hotel Reviewed
  • April 1957: Cytricon III
  • May 1957: Awards Categories
  • May 1957: Pledging Informality
  • June 1957: The Charter Flight
  • July 1957: TAFF Troubles
  • July 1957: Summer Update
  • July 1957: Guest of Honour Announced
  • August 1957: The Final Minutes
  • August 1957: A Fan-Tastic Honeymoon
  • August 1957: London and Belgium
  • September 1957: The Netherlands
  • September 1957: Countdown to Loncon

The Convention and Beyond

  • Thursday 5th September: The Globe
  • Friday 6th September: 1 – And So It Begins...
  • Friday 6th September: 2 – Meet the Press
  • Friday 6th September: 3 – Chairman’s Address
  • Friday 6th September: 4 – Opening Ceremony
  • Saturday 7th September: 1 – The Banquet
  • Saturday 7th September: 2 – The Case of the Missing Gavel
  • Saturday 7th September: 3 – Music and Masquerades
  • Sunday 8th September: 1 – Booze, Breakfast, and Saint Fantony
  • Sunday 8th September: 2 – Tea
  • Sunday 8th September: 3 – Into the Night
  • Monday 9th September: 1 – Drunk They Were and Bleary-Eyed
  • Monday 9th September: 2 – All Good Things...
  • Tuesday 10th September 1957: Tolkien and the Taffman
  • September 1957: Making Merry with Inchmery
  • Saturday 14th September 1957: The Germans
  • Friday 20th September 1957: Homeward Bound


  • October 1957: The Verdict
  • January 1958: The Financial Shortfall
  • September 1959: The Lawsuit
  • October 1959: Schism


  • Appendix 1: The Official Programme
  • Appendix 2: Membership List
  • Appendix 3: Two Worldcons, Worlds Apart – Robert Silverberg
  • Appendix 4: Further Reading and Photos

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