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Fanzine published by Mike Glicksohn and Susan Wood Glicksohn with fifteen issues between 1970 and 1973. (There was a special final "11th Anniversary Issue!!" (#16) in 1981 after Susan's death.) It won the 1973 Best Fanzine Hugo and was nominated for the 1971 Best Fanzine Hugo and the 1972 Best Fanzine Hugo.

Energumen was noted for its layout, presentation and art work, as well as the excellent writing.

Contributors included Alpajpuri, Alicia Austin, Terry Austin, John Bangsund, George Barr, Randy Bathurst, Harry Bell, Bonnie Bergstrom, Bill Bowers, Grant Canfield, Terry Carr, Derek Carter, Gregg Davidson, Vincent Di Fate, Steve Fabian, Connie Reich Faddis, Phil Foglio, Janet Fox, Jack Gaughan, Michael Gilbert, Alexis Gilliland, Joe Haldeman, Margaret Hamer, Joan Hanke-Woods, C. Lee Healy, Don Hutchison, Jay Kinney, Dean Koontz, Bill Kunkel, Tim Kirk,Dave Langford, Walt Liebscher, Dave Locke, Jim McLeod, Sandra Miesel, Debbie Munro, Paul Neary, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Dan Osterman, George Proctor, Bill Rotsler, James Shull, Bob Shaw, Stu Shiffman, Dan Steffan, Mae Strelkov, Angus Taylor, Bob Toomey, Rosemary Ullyot, Harry Warner, Jr., Bill Watson, Ted White and Gene Wolfe.

When Glicksohns' marriage broke up, Energumen also ended with issue #15 in 1973, but planning for a special issue was already well under way at the time of Susan Wood's sudden death in 1980. Issue 16 (Just When You Thought It was Safe to Bind Your Fanzines) was published by Glicksohn in September 1981.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 February 1970 32
2 May 1970 50
3 August 1970 50
4 November 1970
5 February 1971 38
6 April 1971 48
7 April 1971 40
8 June 1971 52
8 Letter Supplement June 1971 10 Letter by Ted Pauls and response by Ted White
9 September 1971 52
9 Supplement September 1971 4 Bill Rotsler and Jay Kinney comic
10 December 1971 50
11 March 1972 52
12 June 1972 48
13 September 1972 54
14 December 1972 54
15 May 1973 102
16 September 1981 106 Final issue. Released by Mike Glicksohn alone as a memorial to Susan Wood

Energumen online at fanac.org

Publication 19701973
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