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(For other conclaves, see Conclave (Disambiguation).)

ConClave was a convention held in Michigan (mostly the Detroit area) sponsored by the Eastern Michigan University Science Fiction Society. It ran from 1976 to 2016. In 2017, it was rebranded The Continuum under new leadership, which lasted one more year.

Convention Dates GoHs
ConClave I March 27, 1976 Clifford Simak and James Gunn
ConClave II September 23-25, 1977 Ben Bova, Robert Heinlein, Ginny Heinlein, Anne Passovoy, Bob Passovoy
ConClave 3 November 3-5, 1978 Ted Sturgeon, Elizabeth Pearse
ConClave IV November 2-4, 1979 A. E. van Vogt, Mary Anne Mueller
ConClave V November 14-16, 1980 Joan D. Vinge, Joan Hanke-Woods
ConClave VI October 2-4, 1981 John Varley, Jon Stopa, Joni Stopa
ConClave VII November 5-7, 1982 Algis Budrys, Jeff Duntemann
ConClave VIII November 11-13, 1983 Marta Randall, Bill Maraschiello
ConClave IX November 2-4, 1984 David Brin, Juanita Coulson, Buck Coulson
ConClave X November 1985 Karen Anderson, Poul Anderson, Mark Evans
ConClave XI October 10-12, 1986 Greg Bear, John Hall, Joanne Hall
ConClave XII October 1987 Gene Wolfe, Joey Shoji
ConClave XIII October 1988 Gordon R. Dickson, Todd Cameron Hamilton, T. J. Burnside
ConClave XIV October 1989 Christopher Stasheff, Michael Longcor, Chip Morningstar, Janice Morningstar
ConClave 15 October 19-21, 1990 Stanley Schmidt, Bill Higgins, Barry Gehm, Bill Sutton, Brenda Sutton
ConClave 16 October 1991 Lawrence Watt-Evans, Edward Stasheff
ConClave 17 October 1992 Lois McMaster Bujold, Barry Childs-Helton, Sally Childs-Helton
ConClave 18 October 1993 Roger Zelazny, Frank Kelly Freas, Laura, Dick Spellman
ConClave XIX 1994 Lloyd Biggle, Dean McLaughlin, Ted Reynolds, Frank Kelly Freas, Laura Brodian Freas, Rene Gobey, Carol Gobeyn, Todd Johnson, Mary Burke
ConClave XX September 1995 Timothy Zahn, David Brim, Marsha Brim, Dr. Demento
ConClave XXI October 1996 David Weber, Anne Brett, Lee Carol, Tom Dow
ConClave XXII 1997 Karen Anderson, Poul Anderson, Christian Ready, Sarah Zettel
ConClave XXIII 1998 Esther Friesner, Garth Barbour, Michele Smith-Moore, Juanita Coulson, Buck Coulson
ConClave XXIV October 1999 James Hogan, Erin McKee, Marian Skupski
ConClave XXV October 2000 David Weber, Todd Cameron Hamilton, Cindy Manship, David Manship, Michael Longcor
ConClave XXVI October 12-14, 2001 L. Warren Douglas, Chip Morningstar, Janice Morningstar, Christian Ready, Jeri Smith-Ready
ConClave XXVII October 2002 Larry Niven, Susan Van Camp, Peg Huffaker
ConClave XXVIII October 17–19, 2003 Michael Kube-McDowell, Jody Lynn Nye, Michael Arcana, Bill Sutton, Brenda Sutton
ConClave XXIX October 22–24, 2004 Tanya Huff, Heather Bruton, Barry Childs-Helton, Sally Childs-Helton, Marty Fabish
ConClave XXX October 7–9, 2005 Wen Spencer, Butch Honeck, Steve Collins, Samuel Conway, Tom Smith
ConClave XXXI October 6–8, 2006 Catherine Asaro, Voltaire, Rene Gobeyn, Carol Gobeyn, Emerald Rose
ConClave 32 October 12-14, 2007 Kim Harrison, Don Maitz, Richard Tucholka
ConClave 33 October 3–5, 2008 Michelle West, Theresa Mather, Lee Carroll, Anne Brett
ConClave 34 October 9–11, 2009 Travis S. Taylor, Brother Guy J. Consolmagno, Barry Gehm
ConClave 35 October 8–10, 2010 S. M. Stirling, Juanita Coulson, Peri Charlifu, L. Warren Douglas
ConClave 36 October 7-9, 2011
ConClave 37 October 11-13, 2013 Allen Steele
ConClave 38 October 10-12, 2014 Kelly McCullough
ConClave 39 October 9-11, 2015 Jody Lynn Nye, M. Keaton
ConClave 40 October 7-9, 2016 Jacqueline Carey, Michael O. Varhola
Beginning in 2017, ConClave rebranded itself as The Continuum

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