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Tomorrow And... was a fanzine edited by Jerry Lapidus and Mike Bradley. There were at least 9 issues. It started publishing by offset printing with issue 3. With issue 5, it moved from the standard "portrait" format of most fanzines to a "landscape" format, with text mostly in two wide columns (but many experiments with illustrations and orientation). It was connected with the University of Chicago Science Fiction Society for the first 4 issues, and the Syracuse University Science Fiction Society for issues 5 and 6.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 October 1968 19
2 1968 62 Co-edited with Mike Bradley
3 October 1968 46 Co-edited with Mike Bradley. Marked on both the cover and title page as "Volume 1 Number 2" -- but the letter column and pagination make it clear that it is issue 3. Includes a Baycon report by Lapidus (illustrated with photographs); editorials; reviews, including reviews of 2001 by Lapidus, Mark Aronson and Robert Bloch; fiction by Jim Kinney ("Deathlab"); and letters from Harry Warner, Jr., Linda Eyster (later Bushyager), Harriett Kolchak, Darrell Schweitzer and others. Illustrators include Jack Gaughan, Steve Herbst, Richard Delap, Connie Reich Faddis, and Mike Gilbert.
4 January 1969 52 Features three stories by Harlan Ellison, reviews, editorials, quizzes and letters. The letter column includes notes from Bloch, Silverberg, Piers Anthony, Dean Koontz, Harry Warner, Jr., Joyce Muskat, Harry Harrison, Asimov, Lin Carter, Schweitzer, Richard Bergeron, and more -- a completist's nightmare! Illustrators include everyone from issue 3 (above) plus Mike Jump, Joni Stopa, Andy Offutt, and Lee Barker.
5 January 1971 28 First landscape format issue. Lisa Tuttle added as one of the co-editors. Editorials, poetry by Schweitzer, article by Offset (on writing), fiction by Herbst, quizzes; no letter column. Illustrations by Connie Reich Faddis, Mike Gilbert, Jim McLeod, Dan Osterman, and Bill Rotsler.
6 1971 28 Undated, but internal evidence places it after the Nebula Awards and before the Hugo Awards in 1971 (Ringworld is listed as having won the Nebula and being nominated for the Hugo). Another article on writing by Offutt, column by Rosemary Ullyot, editorials, reviews, and letters by Robert E. Margroff, Bill Bowers, Joe Hensley, Harry Warner, Jr., Sandra Miesel, Frank Lunney, John F. Kusske, Donald G. Keller, Ned Brooks, Schweitzer, Roger Bryan, and Gary Labowitz. Illustrations by everyone in issue 5 plus Grant Canfield, Derek Carter, John Ingham, Jay Kinney, and Dan Steffan.
7 1971 24
8 December 1971 50 Plus 20 pages of letters and 14 pages of books
9 1973 70 includes letter and review supplements

Publication 19681973
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