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A literary fanzine edited by Leland Sapiro. Riverside Quarterly began in 1953 with Inside, published by Ron Smith. (See Inside for more.)

In 1954 Inside merged with Science Fiction Advertiser resulting in the imaginatively named Inside and Science Fiction Advertiser which won the 1956 Best Fanzine Hugo. In 1957 it changed its title to Inside Science Fiction and went into hiatus in 1958. In 1962 it revived for three issues under the title Inside with editor Jon White and assistant editor Ron Smith.

The final issue with the Inside name appeared as Inside-Riverside Quarterly, under a new editor, Leland Sapiro, who renamed the zine Riverside Quarterly with the next issue. The first issue of Inside-Riverside Quarterly appeared in August 1964. The last issue of Riverside Quarterly appeared in August 1993.

Sapiro was an acquaintance of White, the final editor of Inside and was brought in as a partner. He was extremely helpful in getting the final two issues published, both in providing material and covering some of the printing costs and in the summer of 1964, White turned the fanzine entirely over to Sapiro.

Sapiro preferred a new name of Riverside Quarterly, from Riverside Drive in New York where he lived (and also the location of a famous fan abode (see Riverside Dive) in the 50s). The first issue of RQ came out in 1964, and the numbering was restarted at V1N1. It continued publication, at times sporadically, into the 1990s under Sapiro before it eventually became extinct.

The contents tended to be quasi-academic and fairly dry.

Contributors included Douglas Barbour, Lloyd Biggle, Sid Birchby, William Blackbeard, James Blish, Robert Bloch, Redd Boggs, Algis Budrys, Grace Russo Bullaro, James Castle, Joe R. Christopher, Arthur Jean Cox, Philip Dacey, Ruth Daigon, Samuel R. Delany, Peter Dillingham, Thomas M. Disch, Morris Scott Dollens, Denise Dumars, Tom Egan, William Fagan, Philip José Farmer, Barbara Floyd, Janet Fox, Ann Germann, Jim Harmon, Dale Hart, Tom Henighan, Patricia C. Hodgell, Gordon James, Phyllis Janik, Richard Kyle, R. A. Lafferty, Ursula K. Le Guin, Fritz Leiber, Lyn Lifshin, Robert W. Lowndes, David Lunde, Diane Luty, Sandra Miesel, Errol Miller, Patricia Morris, Sam Moskowitz, Richard D. Mullen, Edward Mycue, Kris Neville, Jodie Offutt, Edith Ogutsch, Alexei Panshin, Carla Perry, Nick Perry, Henry Petroski, Ace G. Pilkington, Joyce Pollard, Janet P. Reedman, Mark Rich, Lance Robinson, Andy Ross, Pamela Sargent, Charles Schneeman, Darrell Schweitzer, Gretchen Schwenn, John Sladek, Tom Slate, George O. Smith, Sheryl Smith, Arthur Thomson, William Tiner, Harry Warner, Jr., Peter Warren, Roy Wilkie, Jack Williamson, George Zebrowski, Roger Zelazny.

Skyrack called it, "A well produced, balanced and literary sf fanzine...Good stuff all through."

Issue Date Pages Notes
1.1 August 1964 40 Previously Inside
1.2 November 1964 44
1.3 February 1965 52
1.4 May 1965 56
2.1 January 1966 72
2.2 June 1966 80
2.3 November 1966 76
2.4 March 1967 88
3.1 August 1967 92
3.2 March 1968 76
3.3 August 1968 84
3.4 March 1969 72
4.1 August 1969 76
4.2 January 1970 80
4.3 June 1970 80
4.4 March 1971 80
5.1 July 1971 80
5.2 February 1972 84
5.3 August 1972 92
5.4 April 1973 96
6.1 August 1973 96
6.2 April 1973 80
6.4 December 1977 52
7.1 March 1980 68
7.2 March 1982 68
7.3 May 1983 68
7.4 December 1985 68
8.1 September 1986 76
8.2 March 1988 72
8.3 July 1990 72
8.4 August 1991 72
9.1 August 1992 68
9.2 August 1993 60

Riverside Quarterly online at fanac.org

Publication 19641993
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