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(For others, see Science Fiction Advertiser (Disambiguation).)

A lithographed fanzine which had been previously titled Fantasy Advertiser which was aimed mostly at collectors. It started in April, 1946 and in the mid 50s it was merged into Inside.

The first 17 issues were edited by Gus Willmorth and thereafter by Roy A. Squires. The first 6 issues were mimeoed and the rest were printed. There were a total of 39 issues.

The first issue is 14 unnumbered pages, and includes several ads from Forrest J Ackerman. Articles include "Atoms" by R. A. Elcun and an unsigned proposal for an anthology of stories and art of 100 years in the future. Cover is text (a quote from "More Trivia" by Logan Pearsall Smith entitled "Longevity"). Dated Apr 46 on cover, marked as Vol. 1 No. 1.

The second issue is 26 unnumbered pages with many more advertisers. Illustrated cover, signed AL. Another Elcun column about "Atoms", letter column, editorial talking about how it was published much sooner than expected (Willmorth projected quarterly publication, and put out six issues in the first year). Dated May 46 on cover, marked as Vol. 1 No. 2.

The third issue is 24 unnumbered pages with a variety of advertisers. Illustrated cover, signed J. Another Elcun column about "Atoms", an editorial, and a Walt Liebscher look at "Nova Tomes" AKA new books released. Dated July 46 on cover, marked as Vol. 1 No. 3.

The fourth issue is 38 unnumbered pages with a variety of advertisers. Illustrated cover, signed JC. Editorial, no columns. Dated September 46 on cover, marked as Vol. 1 No. 4.

The fifth issue is 48 unnumbered pages with a variety of advertisers. Illustrated cover, unsigned but credited to Jonne Evans. Another Elcun column about "Atoms", and a Walt Liebscher "Nova Tomes". Also includes "The Blatant Beast," fanzine reviews by Art Widner; and an article on British fandom by Walter Gillings. Of particular historical interest is six pages of fanzines for sale by Melvin Korshak -- some real rarities listed there! Dated November 46 on cover, marked as Vol. 1 No. 5.

The sixth issue is 64 mostly numbered pages: this is the first issue to have a table of contents. Cover title printed in blue, illustration by Ralph Rayburn Phillips. It announces the change to lithography starting with the next issue. "The Blatant Beast" in this issue lists a few fanzines, but is mostly a response to the previous issue's column written by Don Wilson. Dated January 47 on cover, marked as Vol. 1 No. 6.

Issue Date Pages Notes
V1.1 April 1946 14 Editor is Gus Willmorth
V1.2 May 1946 26
V1.3 July 1946 24
V1.4 September 1946 38
V1.5 November 1946 48
V1.6 January 1947 64
V2.1 June 1947 32
V2.2 August 1947 18
V2.3 October 1947 22
V2.4 November 1947 38
V2.5 January 1948 32
V2.6 March 1948 32
V3.1 May 1948 32
V3.2 July 1948 24
V3.3 December 1948 40
V3.4 February 1949 28
V3.5 November 1949 28 Editor is now Roy A. Squires
V3.6 January 1950 28
V4.1 March 1950 32
V4.2 May 1950 30
V4.3 July 1950 28
V4.4 September 1950 46
V4.5 November 1950 28
V4.6 February 1951 36
V5.1 April 1951 32
V5.2 June 1951 24
V5.3 September 1951 40
V5.4 November 1951 24 Last issue called Fantasy Advertiser
V5.5 January 1952 34 Renamed Science Fiction Advertiser
V5.6 March 1952 36
V6.1 July 1952 44
V6.2 September 1952 36
V6.3 November 1952 24
V6.4 January 1953 32
V6.5 May 1953 28
V6.6 Fall 1953 32
V7.1 Winter 1953/54 28
V7.2 Spring 1954 24
V7.3 Summer 1954 36 Final issue before merge into Inside and Science Fiction Advertiser

Publication 19481954
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