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It's complicated.

To begin with, Inside was published by Ron Smith and Cindy Smith. In 1954 it was merged with another fanzine, Science Fiction Advertiser and the merged fanzine was called Inside and Science Fiction Advertiser. Smith took over SFA's subscriptions which greatly expanded Inside's readership. In 1957, it became Inside Science Fiction and ceased publication in 1958.

Inside and Science Fiction Advertiser won the 1956 Best Fanzine Hugo (and was nominated again in 1957.)

In 1962 the reins were turned over to a neofan Jon White and Leland Sapiro, who published two issues (in 1962 and 63) and then re-titled yet again with the Summer 1964 issue, this time as Inside-Riverside Quarterly (named after Jon White's prestigious Riverside Drive address), using a stockpile of material that Smith had left him.

Jon White published only two issues and, subsequently, it was under the sole editorship of Sapiro. See the entry for Riverside Quarterly for the rest of the story.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1.1 September 1952 51 editor is Ron Smith. mimeographed, approximately 5x7", undated, cover by Claude Hall and Fernie Nevarez. Contents include fiction ("Return from the Stars" and "Look Up" by William L. Freeman, "The Ides of March" by Claude Hall, "The House That Jack Built" by Cedric Clute, Jr., and "Horror" by Jullian Webb) and features (Editorial, Letters, Spotlighting the Author, Discussions, a Voting Blank, and two poems: "The Science Fictioneer's Creed" by Gautama Buddha and "Man Seed" by Miles McAlpin). Illustrations by Hall, Nevarez, and Greg Beisel. (Clute went on to be the impresario behind the Magic Cellar, a night club in San Francisco frequented by fans and professionals during the 1970s.)
1.2 1952 51
3 September 1953 32
4 January 1954 32
5 May 1954 32
6 November 1954 36
7 January 1955 40
8 March 1955 40
9 May 1955 48
10 July 1955 48
11 September 1955 62
12 November 1955 44
13 January 1956 48
14 March 1956 44
15/49 May 1956 40 SFA merged in with merged numbering
16/50 September 1956 74
17/51 March 1957 40
52 October 1957 64
53 September 1958 64
1 October 1962 34 Jon White becomes editor with Ron Smith as assistant editor; Still titled Inside, but issue numbering restarted at 1
2 June 1963 56 Final Jon White issue
Summer 1964 42 Now titled Inside-Riverside Quarterly (See Riverside Quarterly for subsequent issues

Publication 19521964
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