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Below are articles that we have researched but are still missing critical information on. You may find details of our research thus far on the relevant article’s Discussion page. (Or not.)

If you have confirmation of the missing info, please add it or email. If you aren’t sure of your source, add what you think you know to the article’s Discussion page and sign it with four tildes. ~~~~

Whatever Happened to ...?[edit]

Probably Dead[edit]

We cannot confirm death dates for:

  • D. Alberti Dominick survived his wife Bella who died in 1958.
  • Richard Bergeron - no info in major Puerto Rico papers (& his name is so common that using newspapers.com for American papers isn't very helpful).
  • Precise date of Les Cole’s death.
  • Bill Cox - It's like he only exists in a photo.
  • Claude Degler — likely died between 1981 and 1995.
  • Eunice Guyy — Did she exist? No evidence in Ancestry.com or newspapers.com, several named Eunice Guy, even one in Illinois born long before 1925.
  • Reta GrossmanJohn Grossman had a younger sister named Ruth Joanne Grossman. Maybe "Reta" was a fan name or a cousin? newspapers.com had several Reta Grossmans.
  • Barbi Johnson — not sure of correct birthdate, either.
  • Addie Huddleston — Missing birthdate, too.
  • Israel Krenzel.
  • Joseph Howard Krucher - Likely dead; no info in ancestry.com or newspapers.com after the 1940s.
  • Trudy Kuslan Lampert Survived brother Louis who died in 2015, but no data about her after her marriage in either ancestry.com or newspapers.com under known names.
  • Earl Perry.
  • Honey Wood — after 1968 - Honey was at Baycon 1968, also looked under "Louise Wood" but can't find whether she's dead or alive as of 2021 (possible but unlikely).
  • Allen Zweig — we have no information about him at all, really. No info matches claims he was a real person.


  • Red Avery — have birth year only. When did he gafiate?
  • Belle Dietz – Exact death date missing, too. Marriage/divorce.
  • Art Wilson - Common name problem - need to know where he came from or where he died.

Other Missing or Puzzling Information[edit]

  • Decker Dillies members Marvis Manning and Vincent Manning cannot be confirmed as brothers (or closely related) according to census records. A 1941 newspaper article refers to them as brothers, but there are no formal records connecting Vincent to the Manning family, and no record of this Vincent Manning after the article.
  • Did Rose Alberti and Jimmy Taurasi ever marry? Unlikely - no record
  • Was Will Sykora really arrested on a morals charge or was that a Futurian smear?
  • Which Misfits member was arrested for obscene literature?
  • What were Dorothy Finn’s complaints about LASFS that got her kicked out?
  • Why wasn’t Helen Finn’s death covered in fanzines?
  • Was Louise Leipiar June Poulsen Moffatt’s adoptive mother? June Poulsen's parents, according to the 1930 census, were Benjamin and Maybelle Poulsen. Not clear if Benjamin died before 1940 or if Maybelle divorced him but he does not appear as part of the family. Maybelle died in 1962. Only fannish sources say that Louise M. Leipiar was June’s mother.
  • Who Sawed Courtney's Boat?

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