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(ca. 1924 – ????)

William D. Knapheide, a San Francisco fan active in the 1940s and early ’50s, was a member of Universal Musketeers and the Tellurian Sciencefictioneers, as well as a charter member and president of the Golden Gate Futurian Society. He was interested in fanzines and pulps.

Peter J. Vorzimer's SFCon conrep mentioned him (Abstract 8, December 1954, p. 45):

I believe at the convention, that Bill Knapheide sold more Xenerns and Xenern Indexes than any of the top fanzines did in all their latest ISsues. Bill also gave away free pencils with every issue sold. Bill is an extremely congenial man of about 28-30. (Don't kill me, Bill, if I miss it by too far.)

Fanzines and Apazines:


  1. Per "Report from San Francisco" by Terry Carr, Fan To See 1 (January 1953, p. 11).

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