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(February 7, 1938 – March 10, 2001[1])

Sandi Bethke (née Sandra Frances Nemzek; later, Sandi Gerber, then Maia Nemzek) was a Brooklyn fan active in the 1960s. She was part of the Fanoclasts. She published the fanzine Turning On. She was a member of Apa-X, where she popularized the term negoboo.

She lived with Ted White for a year and a half, along with her three small daughters.[2] (In September of that year, Calvin Demmon reported that Ted and Sandi were buying a house together.[3])

On November 27, 1964, she married Les Gerber.[4]. As of October 2000, she was living in Seattle and going by Maia Nemzek, according to Gary Deindorfer,[5]

She passed away March 10, 2001, in Oakland.[1] Her cousin, Pete Nemzek, was also a fan.

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