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(1949 --)

Joe (JoeD) Siclari started in fandom in 1965 by collecting everything he could find related to SF&F, books, prozines, fanzines, strange paraphernalia. By 1966, he was a fanzine fan. He has been active in running conventions, clubs, collecting and in preserving science fiction and fan history. He was from Staten Island, and lived in Manhattan (in the Cinemansion with Jerry Kaufman) and then moved to Florida in the late 70s. Around 2000, he moved back to New York State with his wife, Edie Stern.

He was Chairman of the 50th Worldcon, MagiCon, in Orlando, Florida in 1992 and has worked on over 25 Worldcons including seven at a senior position of Assistant Division Head or above. In total, he has worked on over 300 science fiction conventions. He was a member of the Flushing in '80, Atlanta in '86, Orlando in '92, Boston in Orlando in 2001, Boston in 2004, and Reno in 2011 Worldcon bid committees. He also started the Australia in 2010 Worldcon bid to aggravate Stephen Boucher.

Joe originated the idea and co-founded Smofcon with Theresa "TR" Renner and Ben Yalow, and chaired or co-chaired Smofcon 1, Smofcon 7, and Smofcon 18. He co-founded and named FanHistoriCon with Peggy Rae Pavlat Sapienza and Bruce Pelz and organized FanHistoriCon 1, FanHistoriCon 4, FanHistoriCon 6, FanHistoriCon 9 and FanHistoriCon 10). He chaired nine Tropicons and four Travelling Fetes.

With his wife, fan Edie Stern, Joe originated the Travelling Fete, a series of relaxacons that moved to locations near or requested by each year's GoH. The GoH was responsible for the (one) program and for selecting an excursion to the guest's favorite local site. The Travelling Fete was sponsored by SFSFS. He ran the Stellar Bookseller SF bookstore in Boca Raton in the late 80s.

He was the winner of the 2005 DUFF Race DUFF in 2005 to Thylacon 2005 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Joe is president of FANAC, the sponsor of Fanac Fan History Project, Fancyclopedia 3, The FANAC Fan History Project YouTube Channel and the Fan History Zoom Series.

Joe published Lee Hoffman's Complete Quandry, Walt Willis’s The Enchantment and Harry Warner's A Wealth of Fable, a history of 1950s fandom, and edited an illustrated edition of Warner's 1940s history All Our Yesterdays available from NESFA Press. Joe has published many fanzines, club and convention publications. He has been in assorted APAs, including FAPA, SAPS, SFPA, N'APA, CAPRA, FHAPA, APA-VCR and several for Worldcon-running.

He was nominated for the 2007 Best Related Book Hugo for Worldcon GoH Speeches, with co-editor Mike Resnick available from ISFiC Press.

Joe wrote "Science Fiction Fandom - A History of An Unusual Hobby" for The Science Fiction Reference Book (1981), edited by Marshall B. Tymn. He also compiled the annotated bibliography chapter for Science Fiction Fandom (1994), edited by Joe Sanders.

He was a founder and frequent officer of SFSFS, founder and Sole Titular Dictator of the Coral Springs Science Fiction League, Social Drinking Society, and Traveling Fanvariety Show In Exile, and a member of FISTFA, the Lunarians, NESFA, the Tallahassee Mad Gang (founder), the N3F (Board member), and the Fanoclasts.

Joe and Edie are also collectors of SF illustration art. Over the years, they have worked on over a dozen science fiction art shows at various conventions, including Worldcons, World Fantasy Conventions, and, most frequently, at Boskones.

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