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The Travelling Fete was a Florida relaxacon held from 1988 to 1999. Unlike many relaxacons, the Fete relocated every year, had a GoH and a program! It moved around the state to where the Guest lived. The GoH provided the entire program which consisted of a Banquet Speech, and selecting a local place of interest to visit and hanging out in the con suite.

Being held in Florida in the summer meant that the convention REQUIRED a pool. A unique aspect of the Fete pool was the amount of animal, dinosaurs, insects, planets and other inflatables that the pool acquired for the con. It required a special paragraph in the hotel contract. It was also seen as an extra benefit by the children of other hotel guests!

A real highlight of the Fete was the selection of the local visit. Joe Green took the group on a behind the scenes tour of the Kennedy Space Center, especially some of the older parts that had not been open to the public. Joe Haldeman took us to the Devil's Millhopper, a 120 foot deep sinkhole with a tropical rainforest at the bottom. Charles Fontenay brought us to the Salvador Dali Museum. Since we had already visited Gainesville, Jay Haldeman brought us to the fantasy town of Key West. Ben Bova had us explore the Cork Screw Swamp Sanctuary which has a natural recycling system which he was adapting for use in spaceships in his books. For the last Fete, we went back to the Space Center, just because we had not been there for a decade.

The Travelling Fete was sponsored by the South Florida Science Fiction Society (SFSFS).

Convention Date Guests of Honor Chairman Location
Travelling Fete I July 1988 Joe Green Joe Siclari Meritt Island
Travelling Fete II 1989 Joe Haldeman Joe Siclari Gainesville
Travelling Fete III 1990 Charles Fontenay Peggy Dolan St. Petersburg
Travelling Fete IV 1996 Jack C. Haldeman II (Jay) Joe Siclari Key West
Travelling Fete V 1998 Ben Bova Joe Siclari Naples
Travelling Fete VI 1999 Kathleen Ann Goonan Carlos Perez Cocoa Beach

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