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Yearbooks were an old tradition which, perforce, fell out of favor when the field grew so much as to make them impractical.

See also: Annual.

It's worth noting that Gardner Dozois's long-running Year's Best series had up to 100 pages of introduction which covered many of the topics of a Yearbook.

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
In Third Fandom and previously, annual indexes of proz and listings of fmz were published under this general name. (One of these, in 1939, even appeared on the Bloomington, IL, that is.) Of the Yearbook in a wider sense, the review of all activity in our field during a year, memorable examples were the two Fantasy Reviews of Joe Kennedy ("Vampire Yearbooks") for 1945 and '46, and the LASFS/Fantasy Foundation production for 1948. The practice died out after 1948, but Guy Terwilleger's Best of Fandom collections were sort of yearbooks for 1957-58, and the FANNISH, annish of newszine FANAC, was a revival of the full-coverage style.