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Jane Tucker at the Michiconference in 1941, from Le Zombie 46: “Our wife, the mother of a couple of slans.”

Mary Jane Tucker (née Joesting) was active at least on the fringes of fandom for a little while in the 1930s and ’40s, playing hostess to visiting fen and traveling from Illinois to attend the 1941 Michiconference with her then husband, Bob Tucker, and the 1942 Michiconference without him.

Phil Bronson wrote in in Fantasite Vol. 2, No. 4 (November/December 1942), “In case you don't know it already, Tucker is a lucky fellow, because Mrs., in addition to being pretty, is also the world's best cook, barring none. You should taste her coffee sometime.” In Le Zombie 51 (February 1943), Walt Liebscher wrote, “Jane is one of the most tolerant girls I’ve ever met.”

But the marriage ended later in the 1940s.

Jane is credited as a co-editor on the 1939 Yearbook of Science, Weird & Fantasy Fiction with Bob, Damon Knight and Harry Warner, Jr.

The couple had married March 16, 1936, and had two children, Robert (whom Tucker called “the real Bob Tucker”) and Judy.

Bob ran photos of Jane in at least two issues of Le Zombie, no. 46 and no. 48.

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