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A regional convention put on by BASFA and held in Tucson Arizona.

The Chairmen of TusCons 1-4 were Jim Corrick and Carol De Priest who originally conceived the idea of TusCon in the Spring of 1974. The rest of the TusCons have been chaired by Sharon Maples, Sue Thing, Deb Dedon, Cristi Simila, and/or Bruce Wiley either individually or in various combinations.

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Convention Dates Guests of Honor
TusCon I 25-27 Oct 1974 None
TusCon II Apr 4-6, 1975 Evangeline Walton
TusCon III Nov 7-10, 1975 Gordon Eklund
TusCon IV Nov 5-8, 1976 Theodore Sturgeon, (Fan & MC) Don C. Thompson
TusCon V There was no TusCon held in 1977 or 1978[1]
TusCon 6 Nov 16-19 1979 Ed Bryant & Suzy McKee Charnas, (Pro/Fan & TM) Bob Vardeman
TusCon 7 Nov 7-9, 1980 George R. R. Martin, (Fans) Bobbi Armbruster & Ron Bounds
TusCon 8 Nov 13-15 1981 Elizabeth A. Lynn, (Fans) Curt Stubbs & Mahala Steiner
TusCon 9 Nov 12-14, 1982 Robert Bloch
TusCon 10 Nov 18-20, 1983 Karl Edward Wagner & Barbara Mott Wagner, (Fan) Marty Massoglia
TusCon 11 Nov 9-11, 1984 John Varley, (Fans) Bruce & Kim Farr
TusCon 12 Nov 8-10, 1985 Vernor Vinge, (Fans) Bruce D. Arthurs & M. R. Hildebrandt
TusCon 13 Oct 3-5, 1986 Terry Carr, (Fan) Robert Bloch
TusCon 14 Oct 2-4, 1987 Tim Powers, (Fan) Somtow Sucharitkul
TusCon 15 Oct 7-9, 1988 Stephen R. Donaldson, (Fans) Jim & Doreen Webbert
TusCon 16 Oct 6-8, 1989 Jack Williamson, (Fans) Sam Stubbs & Eric Hanson
TusCon 17 Nov 16-18, 1990 G. Harry Stine, (Fans) Mike Stackpole & Liz Danforth[2]
TusCon 18 Nov 15-17, 1991 None
TusCon 19 Nov 13-15, 1992 Simon Hawke
TusCon 20 Nov 12-14, 1993 Simon Hawke, (Fan) Kate Daniel
TusCon 21 Nov 11-13, 1994 Judith Tarr, (Fan) John Theisen
TusCon 22 Nov 3-5, 1995 Ed Bryant, (Fan) Wolf Forrest
TusCon 23 Nov 15-17, 1996 Dennis L. McKiernan, (Fan) Barry Bard
TusCon 24 Nov 7-9, 1997 John Vornholt, (Fan) David Foster
TusCon 25 Nov 6-8, 1998 Fred Saberhagen, (Fan) Julie Hamann
TusCon 26 Oct 22-24, 1999 Laurell K. Hamilton, (Fan) Bobbie Seaman
TusCon 27 Nov 10-12, 2000 Catherine Wells, (Fans) Stephanie Bannon & Graig Dyer
TusCon 28 Nov 9-11, 2001 Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, (Artist) Newton Ewell
TusCon 29 Nov 15-17, 2002 Timothy Zahn, (Artist) Vicki Visconti Tilley
TusCon 30 Nov 14-16, 2003 Yvonne Navarro, (Musical) Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff & Jeff Bohnhoff
TusCon 31 Nov 5-7, 2004 Barbara Hambly, (author/artist) William K. Hartmann, (Fan) Carol De Priest
TusCon 32 Nov 18-20, 2005 David Brin, (Fan/Gaming) Bill Winski[3]
TusCon 33 Nov 10-12, 2006 Emma Bull & Will Shetterly
TusCon 34 Nov 9-11, 2007 John Ringo
TusCon 35 Nov 7-9, 2008 Diana Gabaldon
TusCon 36 Nov 13-15, 2009 (Pro) Weston Ochse, (Fan) Liz Hanson
TusCon 37 Nov 12-14, 2010 (Pros) Jim Butcher & Shannon K. Butcher, (Fans) Bjo & John Trimble
TusCon 38 Nov 11-13, 2011 (Pro) Patricia Briggs, (Fan) Dr. David A. Williams
TusCon 39 Nov 9-11, 2012 (Pro) S. M. Stirling, (Fan) David Lee Summers
TusCon 40 Nov 8-10, 2013 (Author) Juliet Blackwell, (Artist) Jessica Feinberg
TusCon 41 Oct 31-Nov 2, 2014 Janni Lee Simner, Ernie Reyes, Goeff Notkin, Sarah Clemens
TusCon 42 Oct 30-Nov 1, 2015 Seanan McGuire, Bridget E. Wilde, Geoff Notkin, Atumn Ivy
TusCon 43 Nov 11-13, 2016 George R. R. Martin, Peri Charlifu, William Malone, Geoff Notkin
TusCon 44 Nov 10-12, 2017 Theresa Mather, Timothy Zahn, Melinda M. Snodgrass, Hal Astell, Dee Astell, Geoff Notkin, Yuhki Kaneta, Madame Askew
TusCon 45 Nov 9-11, 2018
  1. There was no TusCon held in 1977 or 1978 due to the intrusion of the 36th World Science Fiction Convention, Iguanacon, held in Phoenix over Labor Day Weekend, 1978. Both Jim and I had already committed to working on "Iggy" back in the Winter of 1975-76 -- he as head of the Hugo Awards department and programming, and I as head of memberships and registration. After that experience we gafiated. Sharon Maples, before chairing the two following TusCons (1979 & 1980), was to get her feet wet as treasurer of Iggy(!) and thus hadn't burned out quite yet. As a footnote, Jim reminded me that giving the non-existing 'TusCon V' a number was a running joke for some years thereafter - anyone reading this who is a fan totally understands. (grin) -- Carol De Priest
  2. Liz has been coming to TusCons since the early 1980s.
  3. Of Scorpion's Nest Tactical Gaming

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