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(November 27, 1951 --)

Melinda M. Snodgrass is a professional writer known for her SF work in both print and TV media. She has degrees in Law and in History from the University of New Mexico.

She is well-known in Star Trek fandom for her 1984 tie-in novel to the original series, The Tears of the Singers, which launched her writing career. She wrote several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation while serving as the series' executive story editor during its second and third seasons, including "The Measure of a Man", which is widely considered one of TNG's best episodes and which became a source for the new series Star Trek: Picard. She also provided scripts for the series Sliders, Odyssey 5, The Outer Limits, SeaQuest DSV, and Reasonable Doubts, and was a consulting producer on The Profiler.

Snodgrass has also written numerous SF novels and short stories, notably the Imperials Saga, the Edge series, and the Circuit trilogy (each book of which was nominated for a Prometheus Award), and is co-editor (with George R. R. Martin) on, and a frequent story contributor to, their long-running shared-world Wild Cards series.

Snodgrass is an avid equestrian and competes in dressage events. She lives in Santa Fe, NM.

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