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TusCon IV was a convention held November 5-7, 1976 in Tucson, AZ, at the Sands Motel in Tucson, AZ. The GoH was Theodore Sturgeon with Fan GoH and MC Don C. Thompson, and special guests Thea Alexander, Bradford Smith, and Carolyn Henson[1].

Other attendees of note were Samuel Edward Konkin III, David J. Schow , Nancy Mairs, Mike Cassutt, Patrick Hayden, Teresa Nielsen, Willie Siros, Leif & Gloria Andersson. Special programming included two super-membership dinners[2]. The con was chaired by Jim Corrick and Carol De Priest. There were 120 members and at-the-door membership was $5.00.

  1. Of the L5 Society advocating "The Ecological Colonization of Space".
  2. Yes, TWO! We had to fill up all that empty programming which had been left unfilled by those who had forgotten to show up. [CDP]

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