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The Women's Periodical or TWP is a British APA founded in 1982 and still active. It was created by Chris Atkinson and Linda Pickersgill in the aftermath of a 'Women in Fandom' meeting at Channelcon, the 1982 Eastercon.

APAs weren't really a thing in early 1980s British fandom. OMPA, the leading British APA, had ceased in the late 1970s after a long slow decline, and an alternative, ROMPA, only managed five mailings before it ended in 1975. FEAPA only produced one mailing dated March 1980 and APA SF&F managed three or four in 1981. There were no active British APAs at the start of 1982.

Rob Hansen writing in Then regarded TWP as an immediate success, 'particularly [for] its ability to involve a lot of women not previously active in fanzines and the fact that it generated some of 1982’s liveliest fanwriting'. He argues that because it had 'a specific purpose, the APAs that sprang up in its wake were not usually random and purposeless.' TWP in turn inspired APA-B, Frank's APA, SLAPA, PAPA and Get Stuffed.

Members and apazines:[edit]

Publication 1982
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