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(1951 - April 30, 2009)

Abigail J. Frost, often known as Abi Frost, was a British fan, based in London for most of her fannish career. She was known for unswerving feminist and left-wing views, a sharp wit, and a ferocious intelligence, but was hampered by mental health problems.

Frost wrote for fanzines and worked as a journalist, although her lack of computer skills limited her fannish interaction in her later years. She won the 1993 TAFF Race, traveling to the US. Following her trip, she suffered personal financial setbacks and her use of TAFF monies destituted the European fund and led to the cancellation of the 1997 TAFF Race.

She was a founder member of TWP.

A collection of her fan writing can be found here.

She was found dead in her apartment on May 1, 2009. She had been ill with cancer.

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