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Ethel Lindsay (1950s). Courtesy of Rob Hansen

(March 23, 1921 -- 1996)

A UK fanwriter and editor, active since 1951, who joined the Glasgow fan group the Newlands SF Fan Club in 1952 after learning of it via "The Electric Fan," a column written by Walt Willis in the first issue of the prozine Nebula. Her first convention was Supermancon in 1954 when she was part of the committee. She was also an active member of Operation Fantast. She was nicknamed Small Sister Lindsay since she was short and a Nursing Sister [Registered Nurse].

She lived in Surrey 1955-1978 and was a member of the London Circle from 1955-59 (including serving as President) and was a founder and Chairman of the Science Fiction Club of London from 1959-68 which she served as Chairman and later secretary. She hosted it at her Surrey flat, 'Courage House'. She was secretary of the successful London in '65 Worldcon bid. She was on the Loncon, Cytricon, LXICON and RePetercon committees and a member of BSFA and the Romiley Fan Veterans and Scottish Dancing Society.

She published the long-running fanzines Scottishe and Haverings, was the 1962 TAFF delegate (defeating Eddie Jones) and duly published a full trip report (The Lindsay Report), and for years was UK agent for SF Chronicle. She won the Skyrack poll for best fan writer, and was involved in the Joan W. Carr hoax. She won TAFF in 1962, becoming the second female TAFF winner, but the first to use funds for the TAFF trip.

She was a member of IPSO and of OMPA (from its second mailing; she was also OE). She held a Cry Letterhack Card.

See her TAFF platform in Orion #28 p2

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