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A little-known fact of history is that in 1969 Neil Armstrong committed the first known act of extraterrestrial trespass when he stepped onto the floor of Mare Tranquillitatis -- the Moon having been claimed many years earlier by multiple fannish organizations. Here are what we know of:

1952 -- The Little Men[edit]

In 1952, the Little Men, a Berkeley, CA club

Chicon II program: "Lunar Geology of the Little Men's Mining District".......Lester Cole

1952 -- Chicon II[edit]

Moon Deeds

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
On the back of your membership card in the ChiCon II Society was a deed reading like this: "The Chicago Science Fiction Society assigns you exclusive colonization right to the property on the Moon encompassed by the crater Herschel, which is located in the Second Quadrant of said body. Valid in perpetuity." [This was Lee Hoffman's.] The deed was not really valid, despite the last sentence, tho George Washington University once gave out Moon Deeds that were legally effective. Quitclaims, they were.

1953 -- Postage Stamps[edit]

Interplanetary Stamps

1957 -- Beer Can Tower[edit]

Tower to the Moon

Late 1960s -- NESFA[edit]

Early in its history, NESFA laid claim to the Moon.

NESFA Lunar Realty Trust #1

1999 -- Worldcon bid[edit]

Moonbase Alpha in '99