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Asteroid (ballet)
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(Did you mean a different asteroid?)

The first science fiction ballet, performed Monday, September 1, 1952, at Chicon II, the 10th Worldcon. The story of one spaceman meeting his fate in outer space, it featured original music composed especially for it, and was danced by the Univer­sity of Chicago Knights of the Ballet, under the direction of Guy Bassett. Cos­tumes, designed by Perdita Nelson, were fluorescent, and the ballet was danced under ultraviolet light.

A Science Fiction Ballet in One Act
Choreography by Guy Bassett
Music by Julian May and Bob Johnson
Costumes by Perdita Nelson
Special Effects by C. Jean Bassett

A Spaceman lands on a small planet, and during his exploration discovers a Blue Girl hiding among the rocks. Her mind speaks to him of the depth and purity of space, and they fall in love. Suddenly an Orange Girl appears, sensuous and exciting. Her mind tells the Spaceman of the florid pleasures awaiting him if he chooses her, but after a moment’s indecision, he elects to remain with the Blue Girl. Orange Girl vanishes, only to return with the instruments of her revenge, the Bems. They are creatures of her mind, and reflect her jealous fury as they leap on Spaceman and kill him. Orange Girl and the Bems retreat with the body, leaving Blue Girl with only the spaceship, which she will caress as all that is left of her lover.

Spaceman: Francis Carvelli
Blue Girl: Donna Lee Comstock
Orange Girl: Karel Borja
BEMs: Catherine Allison, Joan Galloway, Marguerite Guernot, George Jackson, Peter King, Marcie Morrow, Stanislava Paluska, Alice Thomas

Show 1952
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