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(November 9, 1923 – April 22, 2010[1])

Joy Goodwin (later Clarke, then Sanderson) was a U.K./U.S. fan. Joy served as secretary for Loncon I, the 1957 Worldcon. She was on the Cytricon II committee. She was a member of OMPA (publishing Lesser Flea), its OE in 1955–56, and, in 1959, published Apathy, an index to the first 20 mailings.

She met Vin¢ Clarke in the mid-1950s, began an affair with him, left Goodwin (her second husband), and became Joy Clarke, although she and Vince never legally married, since she had trouble obtaining a divorce.

Their house in Inchmery Road became the center of what was known as Inchmery Fandom when they let a room to WKF Sandy Sanderson, and all three threw themselves into crifanac. Joy was known for making “non-alcoholic rhubarb wine.”

In 1960, having finally obtained a divorce from Goodwin, Joy dumped Vin¢ Clarke to marry and move to the United States with Sandy Sanderson. Clarke retained custody of their infant daughter, Nicki. The event was described by Clarke as a betrayal, and he gafiated for more than 20 years as a result, after publishing an anguished farewell, Ex-Inchmery Fan Diary.

Joy and Sandy moved to New York with help from Belle and Frank Dietz.

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