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(November 11, 1945 -- September 16, 2013)

Chicago fanartist delphyne joan hanke-woods (as Joan Hanke-Woods) garnered FAAn Awards for Best Serious Artist in 1979 and 1980 as well as six nominations for the Best Fan Artist Hugo Award, which she won in 1986 after having been nominated for the award every year since 1980 (inclusive).

After Joan discovered sf fandom in 1978 at a Windycon, the unique, pointillistic artwork of Joan Hanke-Woods became highly sought after by faneds and graced many fanzine covers. She created the "centerfold" and other art for Bill Bowers' live performance Outworlds 50 in 1987, and the t-shirt for ditto 3 in 1990.

While best known as a fan, she has worked professionally, illustrating works by Philip José Farmer, Mike Resnick, Theodore Sturgeon, and A. E. van Vogt, among others. As a pro, Joan sold art to Galaxy, Fantastic Films and The Comics Journal and was published in books by R. A. Lafferty and Joan D. Vinge.

After a period of gafiation, during which she began to call herself delphyne, she had become slightly more active shortly before her death of unknown causes in September 2013. Woods created the cover for Argentus 8 and began doing more fan art and scanning her older works to electronic format. She also did the cover art for the second Chicago in 2012 bidzine.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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