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The Chicago in 2012 Worldcon bid, sponsored by Chicago Worldcon Bid, ran unopposed and at Aussiecon 4 won the right to hold the 2012 Worldcon, Chicon 7 in Chicago, IL Labor Day, 2012. (See 2012 Worldcon Site Selection.) It was chaired by Dave McCarty.

This was essentially the same committee that ran the unsuccessful Chicago in 2008 bid, losing to Denver in 2008.

The Chicago in 2012 bid played around with its pricing structure, making it a little different from previous bids. The standard $20 membership did not reduce the attending membership cost to Chicon 7 when Chicago won. However, for anyone who donated at the higher "Friend" level, $20 of the membership was used by the bid with the remainder put into an escrow account to be used to convert the membership to a full attending membership for Friends who voted when Chicago won.

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