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The Tricon Program was a single track held in a single room.

Program Gold Room
Registration Mezzanine Floor
Project Art Show Whitehall Room
N3F Hospitality Room Director's Room
Magazine & Book Displays Whitehall and Circus Bar Room


Thursday, September 1
6pm Registration for early arrivals (Mezzanine Floor)
8pm Warm-Up Party for early arrivals (Consuite)

Friday, September 2
1pm Brief Welcome Speech by Chairman, Ben Jason
Announcements by Associate Chairmen Howard DeVore and Lou Tabakow
Introduction of GoH L. Sprague de Camp
Introduction of TAFF Guest, Tom Schluck
Introduction of notables by Fred Pohl and Howard DeVore
3pm Harlan Ellison -- Talk: "Dangerous Visions"
4pm Auction
5pm Comic art panel: Don & Maggie Thompson, Bill Thailing, Ted White, Dick Lupoff and Larry Ivie
7pm Dave Kyle: Report on BSFA & British Conventions
Tom Schluck: Report on German Fandom & Conventions
8pm Room will be cleared for rehearsal by Order of St. Fantony
9pm Initiation into the Order of St. Fantony
11pm BEER PARTY sponsored by Syracuse in '67 and Boston in '67

Saturday, September 3
1pm Panel: "How Not to Write Science Fiction" -- Roger Zelazny, James Blish, Hal Clement, Randall Garrett, Norman Spinrad and Dannie Plachta
3pm Auction
4pm Panel: Shall Special Fandoms Secede from SF Fandom?" -- Dick Lupoff, Vernell Coriell, Jack Chalker, Davd Van Arnem, Bruce Pelz, Hal Lynch, Don Thompson, Bill Obbagy, George Heap
8pm Costume Party
11pm BEER PARTY sponsored by New York in 1967

Sunday, September 4
11 am Panel: "Religion in Science Fiction" -- Dannie Plachta, Dean McLaughlin, Roger Zelazny, Norman Spinrad
1pm Fun and Joke Session -- Harlan Ellison vs. Isaac Asimov
2pm Auction
3pm Room will be cleared for "A Galaxy of Fashion" rehearsal
4pm "A Galaxy of Fashion" -- A Fashion Show sponsored by Galaxy Magazine. Director: Luise Petty, Fashion Show Consultant: Bjo Trimble. Models: Barbara Silverberg, Marsha Brown, Sheila Kamper, Karen Anderson, Lois Lavender, Judy Blish, Jean Berman, Julie Jardine, Betsy Wollheim, Maggie Thompson, Robin White, Barbi Johnson, Peggy Rae Pavlat
7pm ANNUAL HUGO AWARDS BANQUET -- L. Sprague de Camp GoH. Toastmaster: Isaac Asimov
11pm BEER PARTY sponsored by Baltimore in '67

Monday, September 5
1pm Business Meeting and Voting for 1967 Convention Site
3pm Panel: "Critics & Criticism of Science Fiction -- Have They Done the Field More Harm Than Good?" Moderated by Larry Shaw. Panelists: William Atheling, Jr., Robert Coulson, John Brunner, Ed Wood and Paul Fairman
4pm Auction
7pm FILM: Sneak preview of new science fiction television series, "Star Trek", which will make its appearance this Fall. Mr. Gene Roddenberry, producer of Star Trek, will be on hand to talk about this series and to answer questions.
9pm "Interference on My Wavelength" -- Talk by John Brunner
11pm FAREWELL PARTY -- Tricon Convention Suite -- for the diehards and late hangers-on

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