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(December 24, 1910 – September 5, 1992)

Leiber was a writer of fantasy, horror and sf. He was also an actor, chess player and a champion fencer.

While primarily a professional writer, he had a long and close relationship with fandom. He was a member of the Hyborian Legion and of LASFS, an attendee at Centracon, and a contributor to Vorpal Glass and Amra. He was also one of the leaders of the Chicago: 1959 Worldcon bid. He also acted in a fannish fantasy film by Unicorn Productions and helped compose at least one fannish musical.

As a writer, his first sale was to Unknown and he contributed to the Lovecraft mythos. His most famous creations were the characters Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser.

He left some papers to the University of Houston where they form the Fritz Leiber Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention Flyers & Programs (IA)

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

He won the Hugo Award for six times: the 1958 Best Novel or Novelette Hugo, the 1965 Best Novel Hugo, the 1968 Best Novelette Hugo, the 1970 Best Novella Hugo, the 1971 Best Novella Hugo, and the 1976 Best Short Story Hugo. He was nominated eight more times: the 1946 Best Novel Retro Hugo, the 1951 Best Short Story Retro Hugo, the 1959 Best Novelette Hugo, the 1959 Best Short Story Hugo, the 1962 Best Short Fiction Hugo, the 1963 Best Short Fiction Hugo, the 1966 Best Short Fiction Hugo, the 1975 Best Novelette Hugo.

in 1962 Chicon III presented a special committee award to him and and Hoffman Electronic Corporation for the use of SF in advertisements.

Video of Fritz Leiber talking about monsters at Pacificon II (IA)

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